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  • Facebook Works for Retirees!

    July 10, 2022: It is said that 4,500,000,000 people use Facebook. It has great potential for recording your activities and sharing them broadly.  On June 30, 2022, national Alliance for Retired Americans presented a webinar to help retirees use Read More >

  • TARA Mid-Year Report

    June 30, 2022: The pandemic did not deter the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans. We continued our fight for improvements in the lives of Texas retirees. We added two important chapters: West Fort Worth and San Antonio. TARA holds monthly m Read More >

  • Every Texan Needs Health Insurance!

    April 20, 2022: Since Obamacare was first passed, Texas Alliance for Retired Americans has urged Texas politicians to take the free federal dollars available to expand Medicaid. At least a million of the most needy Texans would get health coverag Read More >

  • TARA Is Also A Lot of Fun!

    April 06, 2022: The Dallas Chapter of Texas Alliance for Retired Americans had a picnic instead of its usual first-Wednesday meeting April 6. We met at Kidd Springs Park where we've had three great picnics before. The weather was good to us! W Read More >

  • What Happened on March 1? What’s Next?

    March 14, 2022: How Many Tried and Failed? In the March 1 election, around 27,000 Texans had trouble voting by mail. Newspersons said they were “rejected,” but around 9,000 of them were eventually able to get their ballots to count. That lea Read More >

  • Vote-By-Mail IS Still Best

    January 17, 2022: For eligible Texas voters, which includes all of us over 65,  Vote-by-Mail is STILL the best option.  News headlines have it wrong; they are saying that large numbers of VBM applications are being "rejected for good," but they a Read More >

  • TARA Convention, January 19, 2022

    January 10, 2022:   Call to Order..................................................... Gene Lantz, TARA President Introduction....................... Tony Padilla, IAM TARA  E-Board Member    and former TARA President Building Retir Read More >

  • Changes in Texas Election Law

    January 04, 2022: New Texas Election Laws—What They Mean for Voters, Those Who Assist Voters, and Election Workers (1/4/2022 TARA update) Voting Hours and Locations:  Overnight voting banned. Drive-through voting banned. New minimum and maxim Read More >

  • Our Vote Is Our Voice

    December 29, 2021: We Will Not Be Silenced! Texans over 65 and certain others should apply to vote by mail early in 2022. One application can make voting easy in every election throughout the year! The easy way is to go to http://register2vote.o Read More >

  • Win With TARA!

    December 04, 2021: Texas retirees are gathering strength for a mighty challenge in 2022. We need maximum resources in the form of members and dollars. Possible donors are being contacted, and every Texan who supports the right to retire is being ask Read More >

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