January 17, 2022

Vote-By-Mail IS Still Best

For eligible Texas voters, which includes all of us over 65,  Vote-by-Mail is STILL the best option.  News headlines have it wrong; they are saying that large numbers of VBM applications are being “rejected for good,” but they are only delayed. The applications can be fixed.

The unfortunate new laws invented by certain politicians in the legislature have made VBM less convenient than it was, but it’s still the best. Call your county election office if you need help. All of them are listed at

You can check your registration and start the VBM application at

You will have no trouble if you follow these suggestions:

Apply for Ballot by Mail Today!

  1. The new forms require VOTER ID. Enter your Texas Driver License AND the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number
  2. Optional information is IMPORTANT: write your email and phone number so election officials can contact you if they have a problem. Do not enter a precinct number.
  3. Check “Annual Application” and choose a political party for the primary elections. Select “any resulting runoff.”
  4. Watch this video if you want step-by-step instructions:

Do Not Delay

There is no need to panic because the county election office will take your application any time up to February 18. But it’s better to get started.

Also, don’t think that it’s going to be easier to give up your rights and just vote in-person. The same politicians who rigged the obstacles to voting by mail have rigged more obstacles to all your voting rights!

Voting by mail is convenient and not rushed. You get plenty of time to think over the ballot before you have to send it in. No lines! No waiting!
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