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Texas Retirees Stand with Voters

  NEWS RELEASE April 1, 2021 Contacts: Tony Padilla, 512-552-8703 or Judy Bryant, 214-729-0063 or Texas Retirees Stand Against Voter Suppression Legislation  Seniors Demand that state legislators vote against t... Read more

Countering Voter Purges

One of the major tools of voter suppression is the voter purge. This voter suppression tactic takes advantage of the fact that there are many voters who are apartment dwellers. People who live in apartments move more often. If a voter does not respond to correspondence from th... Read more

TARA’s Free the Vote Campaign

The Texas Alliance for Retired Americans (TARA) needs you. In 2021, we want you to help us fight Texas voter suppression so that we can use our power at the polls to make breakthroughs on key issues. [caption id="attachment_2876" align="alignnone" width="1200"] fight for the r... Read more

Fight for Democracy Underway

We have to fight once more for the right to vote. White southerners were outraged when other people won the vote after the Civil War. Eventually, through outright violence and reactionary local laws, white southerners prevailed from roughly 1876 to 1965 when the sacrifices of ... Read more

We Deserve a Shot

                  ​   Hi TARA Friends, We know that the Texas Covid19 Vaccination program has been a frustrating disaster for most people. Governor Greg Abbott needs to hear our voices because we all deserve a shot. Texas leaders ... Read more

Money Matters

Fund Raiser January 9 The Texas Alliance for Retired Americans annual fund raiser is Saturday, January 9, at 4 PM. Our main speaker is Montserrat Garribay of the Texas AFL-CIO. TARA continues to defend our rights even as a hostile government, malevolent corporate managers, an... Read more

Vote by Mail All Year!

Vote By Mail — Apply Now! Texas seniors over 65 and certain others are empowered to vote safely by mail. Even better, we only have to ask once for an application that applies to every election in a given year. So, apply now and vote by mail all year!  If you need to regis... Read more

TARA Sticks It Out

Texas retiree activists will continue putting the "move" in "movement" during 2021. Our January 9 fund raiser must undergird another year of battling for retiree rights. We are currently asking for large and small donations to be sent to Treasurer Teresa Perez-Wiseley, 909 Theres... Read more

Strengthen Our Movement!

The Texas Alliance for Retired Americans continues to defend our rights even as a hostile government, malevolent corporate managers, and a raging pandemic try to weaken us. To grow stronger, we'll hold a statewide fund raiser on January 9. We must continue to grow while we fight ... Read more