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Fight for Voter Rights!

Texas Alliance for Retired Americans stands for voter rights and freedom, both of which are under assault in Texas. We are picketing, demonstrating, calling, lobbying, and are gathering petitions. A great number of Texas organizations, and a lo... Read more

Make Your Tribute to Tony

The Texas Alliance for Retired Americans is organizing a tribute to our beloved President, Tony Padilla. He stepped down on June 14 because he and Mrs Padilla decided he should put his health first. Officers of the Texas Alliance do not get paid. They give and give straigh... Read more

Please, Write a Letter to Editors

Anybody, any time, can write a letter to editors.  If it gets published  or read on the news, it will reach more people than one could reach with months of calling or door canvassing. The trick is getting it published. The Main Tactic Is to Write a Lot I get about one letter ... Read more

All Must be Vaccinated

Texas retirees are not taking our eyes off the critical struggle for voter rights, but we continue to champion other senior issues. On June 7, we joined a coalition for a rally at the German Embassy in Dallas to "Free the Vaccine!" [caption id="attachment_2934" align="aligncen... Read more

We Are For Voting Rights!

The Texas Alliance for Retired Americans (TARA) needs you.  We want you to help us fight Texas voter suppression. We oppose legislation (as in SB 7 and HB 6) that limits early-voting hours, creates new obstacles to voting by mail and voter registration, and pro... Read more

“Free the Vote” Rally on Facebook

Seniors Oppose Voter Suppression. TARA "Free the Vote" Rally on Facebook Leaders of the Texas retiree movement and voter rights experts will speak on the Texas Retired Americans Facebook Page at 6 PM Friday, April 9. Texas has been called the very center of the fight for vote... Read more

Texas Retirees Stand with Voters

  NEWS RELEASE April 1, 2021 Contacts: Tony Padilla, 512-552-8703 or Judy Bryant, 214-729-0063 or Texas Retirees Stand Against Voter Suppression Legislation  Seniors Demand that state legislators vote against t... Read more

Countering Voter Purges

One of the major tools of voter suppression is the voter purge. This voter suppression tactic takes advantage of the fact that there are many voters who are apartment dwellers. People who live in apartments move more often. If a voter does not respond to correspondence from th... Read more

TARA’s Free the Vote Campaign

The Texas Alliance for Retired Americans (TARA) needs you. In 2021, we want you to help us fight Texas voter suppression so that we can use our power at the polls to make breakthroughs on key issues. [caption id="attachment_2876" align="alignnone" width="1200"] fight for the r... Read more