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TARA Continues Fight for Voter Rights

On September 7, 2021, Texas Alliance for Retired Americans and allied advocacy groups sued Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and other state officials to block SB 1, which would impose severe new restrictions on the voting rights of Texans, effective December 2.. Here is a qu... Read more

Anybody Want to Surrender?

Texas retirees are not surrendering to the anti-voter politicians. We will go on demanding federal voter laws and, whether we get legislation or not, we will be hitting back hard in every election! Start Now Right now, we can start registering Texas voters. We can steer the eli... Read more

Now Is Our Time!

In the long hard fight for retiree rights in Texas, we are winning! The stronger we are, the more we win! Click here to sign up for the strongest Texas retiree network ever. Ask your organizations and friends to sign in! Right now, the U.S. Congress is considering legis... Read more

Texas Retiree Network Grows

Steelworker retirees organized an important new chapter on August 21. [caption id="attachment_2976" align="alignnone" width="540"] Andy Rosas (Center) organized a new SOAR Chapter in Dallas[/caption] District Steelworker leader Andy Rosas came to Dallas from his home in Cor... Read more

We Need Each Other!

Since 1935, when Social Security was first enacted, retirees have never had so many challenges and opportunities. We need each other if we are to win! Please join the retiree rights network by clicking here. Right now, we have a good chance to lower prescription drug prices... Read more

Build a Mighty Movement

Texas retirees need a powerful movement Add your strength to ours by joining one of our active chapters or by learning how to start one in your own area. Even during the pandemic, we never stop meeting and working for retiree rights. A lot of our meetings are on-line, so dist... Read more

Free the Texas Hostages!

Tell Governor Abbott to Free the Hostages! In a vindictive move, Governor Greg Abbot vetoed Article X appropriations from the Texas state budget. Over 2,000 legislative staffers are now living with uncertainty regarding their pay, benefits, and retirement contributi... Read more

Organizing Is Simple

Organizing retirees is critical to protecting and advancing our rights. Anybody can do it. Just make a list of what needs to be done, put the steps in order, then implement the plan. Simple flow charts really help. A really simple one only has information boxes (rectangles)... Read more

Legislature Plans Punishment

Let us fight for freedom and voting rights! Most of what the governor commanded the legislature to do in special session is bad business. The top of his list is curtailing our voting rights. The Texas AFL-CIO is coordinating activities to defend our rights. Sign up here. The... Read more