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TARA Uses YouTube, Too

TARA has its own channel on YouTube. Most of our videos are under 5 minutes long, because that seems to be best for posting on social media. Here are some recent ones:  African American retiree webinar intro Mary Ch... Read more

Letters-to-Editor Really Help

TARA activists always try to get "earned media coverage" in the commercial news services. As they are owned and operated by major corporations, they are not always sympathetic; but when we get coverage, it reaches a lot of people. Letters to editors also make a big difference. ... Read more

TARA Practices Solidarity

Our goal is to organize all Texas retirees and retiree "wannabes" to win the rights and benefits to make for good golden years. But it would be foolish to think that we don't need allies. TARA is proud to show solidarity with working families who need our help. [caption id="at... Read more

Voting Advice Available

The League of Women Voters provides terrific non-partisan resources for Texas voters. One of our key voting experts, Jan Lance of Austin, recommends their helpful explanations of how to maneuver through the voting obstacles manufactured by reactionaries in the Texas Legislature. ... Read more

ARA Endorses Jan McDowell

ARA Endorses Jan McDowell for Election to U.S. House Cites Her Commitment to Protecting Earned Social Security and Medicare Benefits Carrollton - Members of the Alliance for Retired Americans proudly announced their endorsement of Jan McDowell for election to the U.S. House of... Read more

Facebook Works for Retirees!

It is said that 4,500,000,000 people use Facebook. It has great potential for recording your activities and sharing them broadly.  On June 30, 2022, national Alliance for Retired Americans presented a webinar to help retirees use it fully. The recording is available free at http... Read more

TARA Mid-Year Report

The pandemic did not deter the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans. We continued our fight for improvements in the lives of Texas retirees. We added two important chapters: West Fort Worth and San Antonio. TARA holds monthly meetings in all the main metropolitan centers of th... Read more

Looking for Action?

Tired of waiting around passively for the next disaster? Ready to take things in hand? Our middle names  in TARA are "ACTION!" TActionRAction! June 30, 4PM: National webinar "Organizing on Facebook." Free registration here July 6, 12:30PM: Dallas Chapter meeting. Our oth... Read more

Every Texan Needs Health Insurance!

Since Obamacare was first passed, Texas Alliance for Retired Americans has urged Texas politicians to take the free federal dollars available to expand Medicaid. At least a million of the most needy Texans would get health coverage, but Texas politicians are just to ornery to tak... Read more