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We are of all ages and backgrounds. The one thing we all share is our commitment to retirement rights!

Standing Up for Retirement Rights

TARA is for everybody
Where: Texas | When: All day every day | RSVP: Glad to have you join us

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  • Austin Discusses Age Discrimination

    July 19, 2023: The Austin Chapter had an expert on age discrimination for their July 20, 2023 meeting. UNDERSTANDING AGE DISCRIMINATION Equal Employment Opportunity Commission The EEOC has jurisdiction over federal and private sector Read More >

  • TARA In Legal Fight for Voting Rights

    June 21, 2023: The long legal fight for Texas retiree voting rights, like the wheels of justice, grinds slowly on. At a short on-line conference with lawyers on June 21, 2023, Organizer Judy Bryant and President Gene Lantz were told that we may Read More >