Texas Alliance for Retired Americans Stands with You

We are of all ages and backgrounds. The one thing we all share is our commitment to retirement rights!

Standing Up for Retirement Rights

TARA is for everybody
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  • Win With TARA!

    December 04, 2021: Texas retirees are gathering strength for a mighty challenge in 2022. We need maximum resources in the form of members and dollars. Possible donors are being contacted, and every Texan who supports the right to retire is being ask Read More >

  • You, Elections, and the Movement

    November 22, 2021: Even before the December 13 candidate filing deadline falls, individual Texans are “choosing up sides” over their favorite candidates. Please allow me to argue that, no matter whom they choose, they are making an error. Bui Read More >

  • Retirees Reach Out

    November 05, 2021: In early November, we received great news that the Build Back Better legislation in Congress would include lowering drug prices. Since negotiations first began, our issues have been pulled in by progressives and pushed out by reac Read More >