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Texas Alliance for Retired Americans
Texas Alliance for Retired Americans was live.Friday, April 9th, 2021 at 11:00pm
TARA members from around the state joined a rally on Zoom and FB Live titled: “Seniors Oppose Voter Suppression: Free The Vote!” Moderator Jan Lance, TARA Austin President, introduced State President Tony Padilla who welcomed folks to the rally. She then turned things over to speakers Kenneth Williams, Dallas TARA President, and Eric Hartman, TARA Austin Activist for their expert comments on SB7 and HB6. Williams shared ways these bills would engineer long lines at polling places, plus their disproportionate effect on communities of color. Hartman reported on the intimidation effects of the bills on voters and election judges, clerks and volunteers. They both brought up additional bad points of these two bills and others which are currently being considered in the Texas legislature.Austin Activists Julie Fleming and Alice Embree shared questions for the presenters which were asked in the chat. Field Organizer Judy Bryant concluded the meeting by showing and telling members how to check on “Who Represents Me” and urged them to call and write their State Senators and Reps to either thank them for standing against voter suppression or to urge them to please vote against these terrible bills. Thanks to TARA Secretary Gene Lantz for his technical expertise in producing this rally.

Texas Alliance for Retired Americans
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