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  • Get the Facts

    June 02, 2020: People are calling the present time "post-truth" because the statements coming from Washington DC are often at odds with the facts. Truth concerning American retirees is available on our national website, http://retiredamerican Read More >

  • Vote By Mail — Apply Now!

    April 19, 2020: Vote By Mail -- Apply Now! Texas voters  should be able to  safely vote from home. It's been legal for all voters twice so far this year, but the Texas Attorney General has kept pressure on the courts to make it illegal. Se Read More >

  • Retirees Rally in Austin

    March 18, 2019: The Fort Worth TARA Chapter meets this week on Wednesday and the Austin TARA Chapter meets on Thursday. If you live in these areas, you will receive a separate email about the meetings. TARA MEMBERS JOIN RED FOR ED MARCH TO THE Read More >

  • Our Proud Recent Past

    January 18, 2018: Texas Alliance for Retired Americans Educational Fund Report of Recent Developments TARA-EF is successful on every front. In all its history, Texas seniors have never had such an effective advocacy group! Our strength begins Read More >

  • Texas Seniors Are Developing a Winning Program

    January 09, 2018: A Proposed Program for Texas Seniors Texas activists will gather at 1PM on January 19 at the Downtown Sheraton in Austin for our biennial convention. It is an opportunity to plan a program for the organization’s next two years. Read More >

  • 2018 Has Begun!

    November 13, 2017: 2018 Elections Are Underway Would you consider becoming a Precinct Chair in 2018? They are the central grass-roots organizers who will turn out the vote in November. Precinct Chairs must nominate themselves during the same period Read More >

  • Seniors Talk, People Listen

    May 12, 2017: Texas organizer Judy Bryant spoke to the monthly luncheon of UAW Local 848 on May 11, 2017. [caption id="attachment_2173" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Judy Bryant at UAW 848[/caption] Her topic, of course, was the health Read More >

  • Retirees Endorse Women’s Action

    March 02, 2017: By unanimous vote, the Dallas Chapter of the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans Educational Fund is behind  March 8 activities titled "A Day Without A Woman!" [caption id="attachment_2142" align="aligncenter" width="700"] Da Read More >

  • Commit to Fight, Now!

    January 09, 2017: We are facing threats that are bigger and more urgent than any in our lifetimes! Congressmen Sam Johnson and Paul Ryan agree on attacking Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid  I'm asking every Texan who wants to save and e Read More >

  • Write Your Friends!

    January 05, 2017: Grace Akbar tells Dallas activists that they need to outreach everybody they know to organize our progressive movement. [caption id="attachment_2058" align="aligncenter" width="700"] Grace Akbar[/caption] She and friend Ethe Read More >

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