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  • Texas Retirees Succeed in First of Nine Events

    July 27, 2016: Before August 26, Texas retirees will have held 9 public events. The first one took place in Grand Prairie on July 26. State Representative Chris Turner and District 105 candidate Terry Mesa helped retirees appreciate Medicare/Med Read More >

  • Telephone: Our Main Technology

    July 25, 2016: I've checked with the experts, and all agree that telephoning is the main way to reach seniors. After we used every telecommunications idea we could think of, the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans Educational Fund began Read More >

  • We’re Taking Off Like a Texas Rocket!

    July 20, 2016: Starting tomorrow, July 21, Texas Alliance volunteers are hitting the phone banks for a growing number of Texas events to save and expand the right to retire. JOIN US NOW! North Texans phone banking starts tomorrow, July 21, Read More >

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