March 02, 2017

Retirees Endorse Women’s Action

By unanimous vote, the Dallas Chapter of the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans Educational Fund is behind  March 8 activities titled “A Day Without A Woman!

Dallas Chapter is meeting at Alliance/AFT
Dallas Chapter is meeting at Alliance/AFT

The Houston Chapter also met on March 1.  Organizer Cheryl Anderson reports a lot of enthusiasm and continued growth in participation. State organizer Judy Bryant says that all six of our Texas chapters were high-level participants in recent public activities. National Field Director  organizer Brendan Kelly is impressed with Texans. He sends “Kudos” to all our retiree chapters, affiliates, and individuals.

Houston Retirees meet on the 1st Wednesday each month
Houston Retirees meet on the 1st Wednesday each month

Women matter

Women are particularly suited for leadership in the retiree movement. There are more of them than men, since they tend to live longer. Also, they tend to have more of the office skills that organizers need. Some would say that they are just more congenial and outgoing than older men.

The call for “A Day Without A Woman” follows the February 16 “A Day Without An Immigrant” which surprised many people by the level of participation. Both actions are general strikes — days when people are asked to take off work and avoid economic participation.

What a  pace we’re setting!

At the First-Wednesday  meetings, retirees discussed the many upcoming opportunities to make a difference. Retirees from all over Texas will be joining the “Cover Texas Now” health care lobby day  on March 6. We are still encouraging people to sign up for the free bus to Austin.

Buses are still available to go with the school employees’ (American Federation of Teachers) to Austin on  March 13. Contact Judy Bryant, 214-729-0063

Judy says that Alliance members all over the nation are partnering with the “Our Revolution” organization on the health care fight. She says the battle is far from over.

Although many congresspersons seem to be hiding during this recess, Fernando Rojas announced that Congressman Pete Sessions will hold a Town Hall meeting on March 18.

Retirees are training and getting certified to register voters because elections are always important. Local elections in some cities take place in May, and Texas Alliance chapters can screen, endorse, and support candidates.

Judy Bryant will speak to the national meeting of retirees from the National Education Association March 22 & 23. I speak to a women’s group in Grand Prairie on March 22. Our activists are always available to reach out to other organizations and activities. This is a hot time!

Join us! Make a donation! Help out!

–Gene Lantz, President

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