December 04, 2021

Win With TARA!

Texas retirees are gathering strength for a mighty challenge in 2022. We need maximum resources in the form of members and dollars. Possible donors are being contacted, and every Texan who supports the right to retire is being asked to coordinate efforts with TARA. Members pay only $10/year!

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Unlike other retiree organizations, TARA can campaign directly to the public. Our charter designation, 501c4, means that we can endorse candidates, support candidates, and even campaign against certain anti-retiree candidates. We are working to coordinate with existing retiree organizations, help form new retiree organizations, and appeal to individuals who are willing to join the fight.

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Texas seniors outvote every other age group, especially in off-year elections. Voter suppression in 2022 will hit seniors less than others because many of us vote by mail.

Seniors have outsize effectTARA gains strength through our national organization in Washington DC. We gain strength through our close ties to the mighty labor movement. But mostly, we gain strength from the dedication of intelligent activists who realize that the best hope for the right to retire lies in our own actions.

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