September 06, 2017

Texas Is Down for the Budget Fight

Texans are studying the proposed “Black Budget” from Congresswoman Diane Black (R-TN) in the congressional session begun after Labor Day. In the next few weeks, Republicans intend to pass these proposals listed by our national organization:

  • Cut Medicare by $487 billion
  • Increase Medicare premiums by 25%
  • Raise Medicare eligibility age to 67
  • Cut $1 trillion from Medicaid
  • Cut $5.4 billion from Social Security Disability Insurance
  • Cut veterans and other non-military spending by $893 billion while increasing military spending

Our national organization is preparing materials for the fight of our lifetimes.

The Dallas chapter discussed how we can mobilize other retirees and retirement supporters for this fight during our regular first Wednesday meeting September 6.

The chapter voted to oppose an increase in rider costs proposed by the Dallas Area Rapid Transit.

We also heard a very good report from State Representative Roberto Alonzo about the special session recently ended. We meet in his district.

The group also discussed Grand Parents Day, September 10, and ways to help with disaster relief for the Gulf Coast area.

–Gene Lantz, President

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