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  • Worse Than We Thought

    December 13, 2017: The House Ways and Means Committee under Chairman Kevin Brady, a Republican whose district is centered on Huntsville, may significantly increase the tax burden of public employees' pensions. While billionaires and corporations ge Read More >

  • Our Backs Are to the Wall

    November 28, 2017: The Senate vote on tax giveaways and budget cuts is expected on Thursday, November 30. It already passed the House, so the two bills could be reconciled very soon. [caption id="attachment_2314" align="alignnone" width="565"] Ba Read More >

  • Fight Today, Plan for 2018

    November 01, 2017: We're Fighters! [caption id="attachment_2294" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Picketing against tax giveaways and budget cuts on November 1[/caption] The Dallas Chapter meeting started right after we did yet another downtown Read More >

  • Texas Is Down for the Budget Fight

    September 06, 2017: Texans are studying the proposed "Black Budget" from Congresswoman Diane Black (R-TN) in the congressional session begun after Labor Day. In the next few weeks, Republicans intend to pass these proposals listed by our national org Read More >

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