May 02, 2016

Democracy is Critical for Texas Retirees

Democracy was the issue on May 1st when President Glenn Scott and Austin retiree activists attended their “Democracy Awakening” rally. Texas Alliance members Yolanda Delgado, Marie Drummond, Joe and Lynne Lam, and Barbara Fetonte were Austin Chapter members who participated alongside Congressman Lloyd Doggett.


Democracy has clearly been under attack in America, especially since the Supreme Court decided in “Citizens United” that big

Democracy and Glenn Scott
Democracy matters to Austin activist Glenn Scott

money could buy our election process. They also gutted the Voters Rights Act as it pertains to the most racist states, including ours. In state after state, including ours of course, ridiculous restrictions have limited our right to vote.

Retirees are particularly hard-hit by voter suppression. The so-called “Voter ID” laws, with ours being one of the worst, hit people who do not have government-issued picture identification. For most people, their ID is their drivers’ license, but many older retirees no longer drive and consequently do not have picture ID’s on hand. Getting a substitute form of ID can be ridiculously difficult, especially in small towns and rural areas where many older Texans live.


The Texas Alliance has recommended that Texans take advantage of vote-by-mail rules, which are not affected (so far) by voter suppression. Many out-of-town students and retirees aged 65 and over are eligible to vote-by-mail and can obtain applications from the Texas Secretary of State or from their local election office.


There are more photos of the Austin “Democracy Awakening” rally on the Austin Chapter’s Facebook Page.  Dallas activists participated in a similar event on April 17, and it is described on the Texas State’s Facebook Page.

–Gene Lantz, President

Texas Alliance for Retired Americans

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  1. Now it seems that we’re being diverted into worrying about which kids go to which bathrooms, instead of the really big issues of today. –gene

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