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  • Vote By Mail — Apply Now!

    April 19, 2020: Vote By Mail -- Apply Now! Texas voters  should be able to  safely vote from home. It's been legal for all voters twice so far this year, but the Texas Attorney General has kept pressure on the courts to make it illegal. Se Read More >

  • Apply Now to Vote By Mail

    January 02, 2017: Voters over 65 years old can vote by mail in Texas. Even better, they only have to ask once for an application that applies to every election in a given year. So, apply now and vote by mail all year! [caption id="attachment_158 Read More >

  • Victory for Veasey, Victory for Us, Victory for Democracy!

    July 21, 2016: When he was still a State Rep, Congressman Marc Veasey filed a lawsuit against the Texas Voter ID law. Texas retirees came in right behind him and made fighting voter suppression a major part of our own program. The payoff came Ju Read More >

  • Democracy Under Siege in Texas

    May 06, 2016: Retirees Join Democracy Forum Labor leaders met with the Lone Star Project on May 5 in Grand Prairie on the topic of democracy in Texas. As usual, a good number of the participants were active in the Texas Alliance for Retired Read More >

  • Democracy is Critical for Texas Retirees

    May 02, 2016: Democracy was the issue on May 1st when President Glenn Scott and Austin retiree activists attended their "Democracy Awakening" rally. Texas Alliance members Yolanda Delgado, Marie Drummond, Joe and Lynne Lam, and Barbara Fetonte Read More >

  • Retiree Politics Comes to a Head on November 8

    April 20, 2016: [caption id="attachment_1527" align="alignleft" width="300"] Retiree politics surged forward when we overcame poll tax suppression[/caption] We've fought hard for our democracy in Texas retiree politics. Voter suppression isn't Read More >

  • Vote By Mail Throughout 2016

    January 19, 2016: Voting in 2016 is the best way to stand up for the right to retire. Texas seniors over 65 and disabled Texans are eligible for easy and effective voting-by-mail. One application form can cover all elections for the entire year Read More >

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