January 19, 2016

Vote By Mail Throughout 2016

Voting in 2016 is the best way to stand up for the right to retire.

Texas seniors over 65 and disabled Texans are eligible for easy and effective voting-by-mail. One application form can cover all elections for the entire year! Forms are now available on-line from the Texas Secretary of State.  Just click here. They’re easy to fill out, but be sure to check the box for “Annual Application” and choose a political party for the primary elections.

Forms must be mailed to your county election office. If you aren’t sure of the address, click here for a complete list. There are no voter-ID restrictions for voting by mail.

If you aren’t positive that you are already registered to vote, click here. The county election office can answer any and all questions.


Voting is Best, but Not the Only Way to Fight!

During 2016, we’ll be visiting politicians, circulating petitions, holding meetings, organizing groups, and even hitting the streets for retiree rights. The convention for the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans is Friday, January 22, at the Omni Southpark Hotel, 4140  Governor’s Row, Austin. Please join us!

In solidarity,

Gene Lantz

Sign our petition on the Pension Review Board Chairman

For information, contact organizer Judy Bryant at 214-729-0063 or email me

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