October 02, 2022

Election Is Upon Us!

Member of our Coastal Bend Chapter report that they are already receiving their 2022 mail-in ballots. No more putting off election work because it has already begun!

TARA will make sure every mail-in ballot counts by presenting a special statewide webinar at 6:30 PM on October 6.  Register here.  Please attend.

TARA Chapters are organizing meetings, phone banking and writing postcards. Everyone is invited to the Dallas hybrid meeting at 12:30PM on Wednesday, October 5. It’s at the AFT Hall, corner Bishop & Centre. It’s also on-line: Register here.

The Dallas Chapter, and most chapters, begin with a general report from the local president. State and national issues follow. Contact your closest chapter from our listing on our web site under “Texas Groups.”

Why Work with TARA?

There are good reasons to choose to work with TARA rather than a particular candidate, political party, or other organization.

  1. TARA works with the highest-voting demographic
  2. We aren’t just about winning one election, but with building a long-term progressive movement
  3. We are one with the labor movement, the very core of progressive activities
  4. If we win the election, our national alliance will make sure that politicians do what they said they would do
  5.  If, God forbid, we lose the election, solidarity with the labor movement will be our only hope in dealing with the consequences!

Need Information?

The Texas League of Women Voters provides reliable nonpartisan information.  Their vote-by-mail resources are recommended.  The deadline for voter registration is October 11. Applications for vote by mail must be in by October 28.

Contact or

In Solidarity,

Gene Lantz, President

Texas Alliance for Retired Americans
Our Vote Is Our Voice! Seniors Refuse to Be Silenced!

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