August 06, 2022

TARA Practices Solidarity

Our goal is to organize all Texas retirees and retiree “wannabes” to win the rights and benefits to make for good golden years. But it would be foolish to think that we don’t need allies. TARA is proud to show solidarity with working families who need our help.

Certificate to TARA from USW
The Steelworkers recognized TARA

We were justifiable proud of our working in helping the Steelworkers during their long lockout from the Exxon-Mobile refinery in Beaumont. We attended their pickets and rallies. We solicited donations to their solidarity fund.

It helped that Reverend Harmon Dent, our Golden Triangle Chapter President, is a retired steelworker and that his TARA chapter meets in a Steelworker hall.

American retirees are under attack from the bosses and their political stooges. It’s a good thing we are organizing, and it’s great that we have friends!

Gene Lantz, President

Texas Alliance for Retired Americans

Our Vote Is Our Voice! Seniors Refuse to Be Silenced!

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