April 09, 2022

Vote “Yes” on May 7

Texas seniors and other eligibles are already getting their mail-in ballots!

Different parts of the state will get different candidates and issues, but all ballots will include two propositions designed to lower property taxes for seniors. The Texas Alliance for Retired Americans recommends a “yes” vote.

We researched the possibility that the two propositions would harm public education, but we believe that they will not. The Texas American Federation of Teachers, representing all school employees, tells us that that have taken no position. Check with your nearest TARA Chapter to see what else is on your ballot.

Voting Is not Just an Obligation

— It’s an Opportunity!

The elections on May 7 and May 24 give Texas retirees more opportunities to get voters registered and to get seniors to vote by mail. That is the number one strategy for defeating the voter suppression caused by Republicans in Texas government.

Texas Alliance for Retired Americans continues our legal efforts and all of our informational and outreach campaigns. This month, we are starting our telephoning program. Please contact Judy Bryant at to find out how you can help. It’s going to take all of us!


In Solidarity


Gene Lantz, President

Texas Alliance for Retired Americans
Our Vote Is Our Voice! Seniors Refuse to Be Silenced!

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