July 06, 2021

Fight for Voter Rights!

Texas Alliance for Retired Americans stands for voter rights and freedom, both of which are under assault in Texas. We are picketing, demonstrating, calling, lobbying, and are gathering petitions.

A great number of Texas organizations, and a lot of corporations, agree with us. We work with them whenever possible. There are lots more videos and photos on our Facebook Page.

picketing for freedom
picketing for freedom

The Texas legislature threatens the worst voter suppression rules in America. Anti-labor members of the Supreme Court have indicated that the Voting Rights Act no longer applies to state laws limiting rights of minorities and the poor.

Some of the specific proposals in Texas go straight to the heart of retiree voting rights. They include limiting the voting rights of the disabled and making it much more difficult to vote by mail.  Retirees must organize and fight!

–Gene Lantz

on-line donationsDonate at https://actionnetwork.org/fundraising/organize-for-the-right-to-retire?source=direct_link&

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