June 16, 2021

Make Your Tribute to Tony

The Texas Alliance for Retired Americans is organizing a tribute to our beloved President, Tony Padilla. He stepped down on June 14 because he and Mrs Padilla decided he should put his health first.

Officers of the Texas Alliance do not get paid. They give and give straight from the heart, and Tony did it for at least 8 ½ years. He was Secretary for 5 years and President afterward.

Tony’s quiet dignity is not his only good leadership feature. He also has a warm and welcoming personality that draws other outstanding leaders to the organization and empowers them to make a difference in Texas. Unlike many organizations, the Texas Alliance under Tony Padilla was always focused on the future and never on differences among the members.

Tony is on a first-name basis with many top Texas leaders. He counts Congressman Lloyd Doggett of Austin among his many friends. Those of us who admire and appreciate Tony Padilla plan to gather video tributes and feature them on social media. Building the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans is a sure way to make Tony’s retirement blessed.

Our next convention and election of officers is in 2022. The organization’s by-laws move me from Secretary to President. Teresa Perez-Wiseley has graciously agreed to continue keeping our finances impeccably straight. Chris Cruz of Austin, who did such a great job on the census and has been a leader on the fight for voter rights, has agreed to act as Secretary.

–Gene Lantz

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