June 07, 2021

All Must be Vaccinated

Texas retirees are not taking our eyes off the critical struggle for voter rights, but we continue to champion other senior issues. On June 7, we joined a coalition for a rally at the German Embassy in Dallas to “Free the Vaccine!”

TARA for worldwide access to vaccine
TARA demands: “Free the Vaccine”

North Texas activists gathered at the Dallas Office of the German Consulate for “DALLAS STANDS FOR GLOBAL ACCESS TO COVID VACCINES,” part of a worldwide call for a fast & comprehensive waiver of intellectual property rights in order to help end the pandemic.

The Biden administration recently announced its support for a  waiver, which was a huge win for organizers. This would allow for the manufacture and distribution of generic COVID vaccines throughout the global south and poor countries; however, a few rich countries  and powerful pharmaceutical corporations are opposed.

We believe public health should be prioritized over the profits of pharmaceutical monopolies. This is why we gathered at the Consulate of Germany’s Dallas office: to call on the German government to stand with the 100-plus countries that support a complete waiver of intellectual property rights of these life-saving vaccines and to also ensure testing and treatment for all.

–Gene Lantz, State Secretary

Gene Lantz, Secretary

Texas Alliance for Retired Americans  donate to TARA at https://actionnetwork.org/fundraising/organize-for-the-right-to-retire?source=direct_link&
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