November 30, 2020

Strengthen Our Movement!

The Texas Alliance for Retired Americans continues to defend our rights even as a hostile government, malevolent corporate managers, and a raging pandemic try to weaken us. To grow stronger, we’ll hold a statewide fund raiser on January 9. We must continue to grow while we fight for our federal, state, and employer benefits.

What You Can Do

Make sure that TARA keeps up with your email and cell phone contact information. Donate money when you can. Send your $10 annual membership fee to Treasurer Teresa Perez-Wiseley, 909 Theresa Ave, Austin, TX 78703-4735.

Or use our handy on-line donate button

on-line donations

Join us on-line for our fund raiser on January 9 at 4PM Central Time. Our main speaker will be Texas AFL-CiO Secretary-Treasurer Montserrat Garibay. She will outline our efforts to defend and further retiree rights during the 2021 Texas Legislature. We think that we can win Medicare Extension!

Get more donors, retirees and retiree supporters to contact Organizer Judy Bryant at

In Solidarity

Gene Lantz, Secretary

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