July 29, 2019

TARA Meets in San Antonio

HAPPY 54th BIRTHDAY MEDICARE/MEDICAID!  🎉🎂 On July 30, 1965, in Independence, Missouri,  President Lyndon B. Johnson signed  the Medicare Act of 1965 into law. We are still fighting to keep the benefits these programs provide. TARA chapters around the state will have special programs in the coming weeks to celebrate Medicare and Social Security. 

TARA had a productive Caucus meeting at the Texas AFL-CIO Convention in San Antonio, led by President Tony Padilla and Field Organizer Judy Bryant. In the President’s report, Padilla shared his pride in the work that the six TARA chapters have done in many areas including elections, legislative work with Texas AFT Retirees to get a 13th check in the fall and possible COLA in 2021, support and continued work to assist TSEU retirees with a much needed pension increase and the work of TARA members with the Texas AFL-CIO Citizenship Classes.
Judy Bryant presented  cards of thanks to Texas AFL-CIO Human Relations Director and TARA Liaison Lee Forbes and Administrative Assistant Maria Thomas for their work to assist TARA with anything which is needed.
Texas AFL-CIO Officers, President Rick Levy and Secretary Treasurer MontserratGaribay,dropped by the caucus to thank TARA for their support of the union programs, especially the Citizenship Classes. Legislative Director Rene Lara shared major accomplishments of the 86th legislature and plans for working now to achieve control and more success in 2021.
President  Padilla called on members and others present to introduce  themselves and share something about their work and their TARA activities. Bryant then reported on ARA updates and shared the 2018 Texas Congressional Report, plus encouraged all chapters to celebrate the upcoming Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security birthdays.
TARA Secretary Gene Lantz talked about the importance of the senior vote and the work which members are doing around the state. Treasurer Teresa Perez-Wisely gave a brief report on TARA finances and encouraged all to pay their dues.
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