February 19, 2018

Retirees Fight for Progress

The Texas Alliance for Retired Americans, seven chapters strong, continues to fight on the progressive side. On issue after issue concerning seniors, we are out on picket lines or applying ourselves in the many arenas of struggle.

Candidates are lining up for our monthly meetings in hope of receiving an endorsement and our backing through November. Many of us have already cast our ballots for the March 6 primaries.  Many of us are working with campaigns and with other progressive organizations, especially the labor movement.

The Dallas chapter has been experimenting with house parties to strengthen the political clout of individual activists. So far, we have carried out two house parties to encourage seniors to get active. Hosts of house parties set their own agendas and invite their own guests. We provide the support. By sticking to a minimum offering of coffee and donuts, we don’t spend a lot of resources on frills and fancies. By using the lists from the Labor Action Network, we find the people that need contacting. It works!

Dallas seniors can also be proud that we supported the North Texas Transit Riders in their effort to stop the DART fare increase. The DART Board eventually voted, by one vote, to raise fares; but the Transit Riders managed to hold them back for six months and to eliminate some of the worst features of the original fare hike proposal. Seniors who have to use DART for regional travel will not see the hike that was intended, according to the Transit Riders. They continue to organize using their Facebook page, “NTXTransitRiders.”

Telecommunications is extremely important to seniors in this big state. We have seven Facebook pages reflecting our seven chapters in the major metropolitan areas.

Because of the many threats against pensions, health care, and Social Security, the 2018 elections are extremely important to Texas seniors. The Alliance for Retired Americans is our fighting hope!

-–Gene Lantz, Secretary

Texas Alliance for Retired Americans


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