January 09, 2018

Texas Alliance Is Liked 1000 Times!

The Texas Alliance for Retired Americans Facebook Page just received its one-thousandth “like.” That means that 1,000 people will have an opportunity to see every important posting!

"Invite Friends" to "like" our Facebook page. Spread the word!

“Invite Friends” to “like” our Facebook page. Spread the word!Improving our outreach is as simple as going to our Facebook page, “Texas Alliance for Retired Americans.” If you haven’t already “liked” it, just click on “like.” Then click on the three horizontal dots to see a menu of other things you can do. If you click on “invite friends,” then you can ask others into the network.

Texas retirees have a big state to cover and very little money, consequently, our social media outreach is especially important. For a list of information sources all over the state, check out Texas Groups.

Make your plans now to come to Austin for the TARA convention, 1-5PM on January 19 at the Downtown Sheraton!

-–Gene Lantz, President

Texas Alliance for Retired Americans


Find us on Facebook: Texas Alliance for Retired Americans

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