Affordable Care Act

June 14, 2017

National Emergency on Health Care

The Alliance for Retired Americans asks for emergency mobilizations to stop “Trumpcare.”  It is presently being prepared in secret by 13 Senators. They expect to use legislative maneuvers to keep it from the public before a quick “fast track” vote, possibly on June 26.

National Day of Action June 21

They want activists to throw everything we can into public events of any and all kinds, even sit-ins and civil disobedience when appropriate.  All 6 chapters are urged to set up public actions.

National Call-in Day June 22

The telephone number, 1-866-828-4162, works now, so we can start calling Senators. Even if we do, national still wants to call again on June 22 for maximum effect. Several other organizations are also mobilizing for telephoning, but national wants us to use their number so they can keep track.

call your senator
call your senator
I have already put notices on all 6 of our Facebook pages.  Try to get people to “share” the notice for wider distribution. Your ideas especially invited.

Join us! Make a donation! Help out!

–Gene Lantz, President

Texas Alliance for Retired Americans Educational Fund


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in solidarity
Gene Lantz, President
Texas Alliance for Retired Americans Educational Fund

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