November 28, 2016

Texans Starting Fightback — Emergency Council December 15

News articles are announcing that the incoming government is likely to turn Medicare/Medicaid over to the insurance companies. Click here for one of them.

Texas retirees will fight
Texas retirees will fight

The Executive Board of the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans has decided to open an immediate fightback against any and all threats to the right to retire. The most immediate one comes from the Speaker of the House, who has been trying to privatize Medicare for the last several sessions, and thinks he will succeed in 2017!

We are asking all supporters to start contacting their Congresspersons by e-mail, telephone, letter, and personal visits. Emails can be sent easily by clicking here.

Anyone not sure who represents them may click here. The National Alliance for Retired Americans specifically asked us to form delegations during the weeks of December 5th and 12th.

Your Ideas Are Needed

The old slogan applies: “Don’t Mourn, Organize!” This is not a time to commiserate, but to come up with the best possible plans of action and implementation. Let us know your ideas and start figuring out how you can get to Austin at noon on December 15 for an emergency fightback council.

Austin to Host Planning Council

We intend to expand the Austin Chapter meeting at Lamar Seniors Activity Center at 2874 Shoalcrest Ave, at the corner of 29th and Lamar. We’ll start with a statewide news conference and then hold an open Board of Directors meeting with activists from all over the state. Tell me or Judy Bryant if you want to come because space is limited.  Austin leader Glenn Scott at 512 -657-0184 has details.

Get organized in your own area with your area leaders:

Corpus Christi


Fort Worth

Golden Triangle


Click here for the Facebook page in your area.

–Gene Lantz, President

Texas Alliance for Retired Americans Educational Fund

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One thought on “Texans Starting Fightback — Emergency Council December 15”

  1. In addition to standing up to attacks, we need a positive retiree program to fight for such things as: eliminate the cap on soc sec tax and increase social security payments to a dignified level (eg. base on CPI-E), comprehensive health care without bankruptcy, decent housing, transportation, community social facilities, etc. Joe Hill was a fighter to create the unions that did not yet exist. We need to create the means of a guaranteed dignified retirement for all.

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