November 23, 2016

Texas Retirees Fight On

Texas retirees will continue to fight to preserve and expand the right to retire in spite of news that even stronger efforts will be made to destroy it.

Ed Sills, Communications Director for the Texas AFL-CIO, wrote on Novermber 23, “President-elect Donald Trump’s spokeswoman says he is open to the possibility of privatizing Medicare, Talking Points Memo reports. It’s bad enough that Kellyanne Conway is suggesting a program that provides what may be the only affordable health care access to tens of millions of seniors might be phased out as a single-payer mechanism. It should be the other way around. Many supporters of health care for all have suggested Medicare, as it now stands, should be the model for the entire system. An even worse omen: Conway refers to Social Security as an “entitlement.” Hell no. Social Security is an earned benefit, and for tens of millions of older Americans, the only thing keeping them financially afloat.”

Congressman Paul Ryan, who has proposed privatizing Medicare during the last several sessions, was re-elected Speaker of the House. He continues to speak out for turning Medicare over to the insurance companies.

Texas retirees are gathering our forces to save Medicare and other programs that make retirement possible. We’ll be visiting Congresspersons right after the Thanksgiving holiday. More importantly, we’ll be mobilizing every senior and everyone who supports the right to retire to move into action!

The Austin Chapter is participating in local elections there. The Texas Alliance governing board has voted to support them in endorsing Alison Alter in the December 13 runoff. The early vote takes place December 1-9. Seniors who signed up for the annual vote-by-mail privilege should be getting their ballots soon.

The Austin Chapter’s leaflet says, “Alison has pledged to work for affordability, for accessibility and for mobility and for strengthening social services that mean so much to seniors’ quality of life. Contact TARA-EF Austin if you can phone bank or block walk or hold a house meeting for Alison – text President Glenn Scott at 512-657-0184 or email

Nothing will deter the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans Educational Fund. Join us!

–Gene Lantz, President

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