December 04, 2015

Retirees Celebrate Holidays

Retiree organizations across Texas are starting their holiday celebrations. The Dallas Chapter held a luncheon on December 2 at the Postal Employees’ union hall, 2010 Postal Way. Beverly McCray catered the event with terrific chicken, roast beef, and salmon entrees.

Entertainment was provided by our two professional actors. James Kille and Linda Coleman are both members of Screen Actors Guild/Association of Film, Television, and Radio Actors (SAG/AFTRA) and they really know how to create a great time!

Even though it’s celebration time, retirees can’t let our guards down. Organizer Judy Bryant continues to focus everybody’s attention on the so-called “Trans Pacific Partnership” unfair trade deal that will, if it gets passed by Congress and signed by the President, raise drug prices around the world!

Retirees are also mobilizing to attend a statewide meeting at the Omni Hotel in Austin at 4 PM on January 22, 2016.

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