November 06, 2015

North Texans to Celebrate Veterans Day

Veterans Day is to be celebrated at 3 PM on November 11 at the DFW National Veterans Cemetery, 2000 Mountain Creek Parkway, Dallas 75211. Veterans of Foreign Wars attend the ceremony every year, but this year they will be joined by the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans activists. Our Dallas Chapter was invited at our monthly 1st Wednesday meeting November 4th.

Another hot topic at the November meeting was the so-called “Trans Pacific Partnership.” Secret information about this unfair trade deal was revealed the following day, and the national Alliance for Retired Americans released this:

“Seniors are right to be worried about TPP effect on prescription drug prices. Indeed, the deal would keep lower cost generics drugs off the market and line the pockets of pharmaceutical industry executives. Prescription drug prices grew by 13% in the U.S. last year even without this impediment to affordability.”

Contact Organizer Judy Bryant to join the fight for fair trade.

The group also went over our recent activities and the political developments affecting retirees. We decided to try to hold a holiday party instead of a regular meeting on the 1st Wednesday of December.

–Gene Lantz, Agent

Texas Alliance for Retired Americans

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