October 14, 2015

Retirees Mobilize for Fair Trade

Retirees Mobilize for Fair Trade

The Alliance for Retired Americans is urging Texans to join the fight against unfair trade deals because of the prospect of higher prices for drugs and medical equipment. The Texas Alliance has already participated in conference calls with national ARA, national AFL-CIO, and Texas AFL-CIO. We’re reaching out to the Sierra Club in hopes of joining them on a pending action. Bob Cash of Texas Fair Trade Watch is heading up Texas operations. On October 14, he told activists that candidate Hillary Clinton’s repudiation of the so-called “Trans Pacific Partnership” strengthens our message for fair trade. Democrats who voted against us on the last big issue may be ready to follow the lead of their presidential candidate, and all but Chafee oppose TPP.

Cash said these congresspersons need to get a lot of calls and visits:

  • Beto O’Rourke of El Paso
  • Ruben Hinojosa of The Valley
  • Eddie Bernice Johnson of Dallas

Judy Bryant has volunteered to coordinate activities in North Texas, and Linda Chavez Thompson is working in San Antonio. Judy sent out the following message on October 14: “This week is a Congressional recess week when Congresspersons are in their districts.  We are asking you to please call Congresswoman Johnson’s Dallas office at the one of the numbers below with the message to her. Please be sure to identify yourself as a member of the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans. Please email me when you do this so that I can keep a record of our calls. If you know other seniors who are constituents of Cong. Johnson, please share this message with them and ask them to make the call too.

Cong. Eddie Bernice Johnson’s Office
I am ___________________, a constituent of Congresswoman Johnson and a member of the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans. I have a message for my Congresswoman.  We appreciate her long time support of seniors and retirees and for that reason, I am asking her to PLEASE VOTE NO ON TPP  BECAUSE IT WILL MEAN AN INCREASE IN  PRESCRIPTION DRUG PRICES AND PUT GREAT FINANCIAL STRAIN ON RETIREES WHO ARE ALREADY STRESSED. OUR SENIORS SIMPLY CANNOT AFFORD THIS.
Judy Bryant
Field Organizer
Texas Alliance for Retired Americans
214-729-0063 (c)”


Bob Cash is scheduled to be one of the speakers at the Austin Chapter of TARA meeting Oct. 15, TARA at the Tx AFLCIO office, 1204 San Antonio at 10:00am-11:30am in their 3rd floor conference room. Other hot topics include pensions for teachers and state workers.

The so-called “Trans Pacific Partnership” has been negotiated by representatives of 12 countries and hundreds of corporate lobbyists. Profit-crazy pharmaceutical companies were in on the deal, while working people, retirees, and environmentalists were excluded.

The so-called “free trade” so-called “agreements” that are in effect already have amounted to major betrayals. American workers have lost jobs, pensions, and health care rights while environmental conditions steadily worsen. These so-called “agreements” are a fundamental part of the race to the bottom. Everyone who wants to join the fight for fair trade is encouraged to sign up online and spread the word!

In solidarity

Gene Lantz, TARA President

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