February 02, 2016

Everybody Must Stand Together for Social Security

Social Security isn’t just necessary for older Americans, it’s vital for everybody! 

Our Brothers and Sisters at the Economic Policy Institute, a think tank that looks at economic issues through the prism of working people, have published the 3rd edition of “A Young Person’s Guide to Social Security.”

Like the more famous “A Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra,” the 66-page pamphlet is not really only for young persons. It lays out the instruments of Social Security and details its essential role in limiting poverty in old age, addressing disability and providing for survivors upon a worker’s death. The guide is much more than a primer, laying out the case for Social Security but also addressing arguments made by those who want to weaken or dismantle it.
From the introduction:
Social Security then is a misnomer of sorts. It’s more than social security, it’s also individual security. It’s the insurance you have against the external factors that can derail the best-laid plans. Social Security is insurance for yourself-you earn it, you pay for it, and you benefit from it. And as far as insurance goes, it is the most comprehensive and most efficient plan you have. One in six Americans receives Social Security benefits, almost every worker contributes to it, and yet the program costs less than one cent of every dollar of benefits to administer.

In solidarity,

Gene Lantz

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