August 08, 2015

Austin Retirees Accept City Proclamation — On to El Paso!

The City of Austin proclaimed their recognition of the 50th anniversary of Medicare along with the Austin Chapter of the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans. The birthday was July 30th. Austin retirees held a giant celebration of their own and attended another one at the LBJ Library, then went to City Hall for the ceremonies. Austin is setting the pace for all retiree organizations in America.

On to El Paso!

When Austin Chapter President Glenn Scott surveyed the retiree scene in the great city of El Paso, she decided to go there to help organize. She expects to meet with retirees during August 12. One thing that might help is the Spanish language version of our national Friday Alert, news for seniors. To our many El Paso contacts supporting the right to retire, Scott wrote: “I am contacting you on behalf of the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans. I have met several of you while I worked for 2 and 1/2 yrs for the National Nurses United in El Paso. I have retired and now am active with the Alliance.

‘I am visiting El Paso next week on Wed. Aug. 12 and would like to know if you are interested in meeting with me in the afternoon to hear more about what the Alliance is doing in Texas to fight to preserve Medicare and Medicaid and to protect Social Security.
‘You probably know that there are too many in Congress who are pushing for cuts and even a major dismantling of Medicare as we know it. There are threats to Social Security as well. And of course our Governor has blocked the expansion of Medicaid funds which would cover many more low income seniors and 1 million children who have no health care right now.
‘I would like to share more information about these threats and to let you know what the Alliance is doing in Texas and nationally to preserve and expand these essential benefits for retirement with dignity.
‘I also want to talk with you about forming an Alliance chapter just like we did last fall in Austin.
‘Please let me know if you would be available in the afternoon Wed Aug. 12 and what time is best for you. Once I hear back I will give you more details about where and when.
 ‘If you can’t meet next Wed but want to be in touch about the Alliance, please respond to me at this email. For more info, go to Alliance for Retired Americans or or find us on Facebook.
‘Glenn Scott, President, Austin chapter Texas Alliance for Retired Americans
cell 512 657-0184
All Texas seniors benefit from the outstanding volunteer work of organizer Glenn Scott!


Gene Lantz

President, Texas Alliance for Retired Americans
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