August 05, 2015

Texas Retirees Celebrate Voting Rights and Democracy!


The Texas Alliance for Retired Americans joins progressive voices everywhere in celebrating the Voting Rights Act on its 50th anniversary, August 6. Seniors go to the polls in greater percentages than any other age group because we have fought for democracy and we treasure it.

We regret the Supreme Court decisions that have weakened voting democracy. In Texas today, politicians are doing everything possible to diminish our rights with the worst anti-voting laws, passed with the flimsiest excuses. We join all civil rights activists in celebrating the August 5th decision of the 5th Circuit Court of appeals which struck down the discriminatory Texas Voter ID law, but we have no doubt that anti-democratic forces will appeal to the Supreme Court.

Because so many seniors do not have drivers’ licenses, and because so many of us live in remote areas, voter discrimination in Texas hits us particularly hard. As we celebrate the Voting Rights Act, we pledge ourselves to fight for its full re-implementation in Texas.

Gene Lantz, President

Texas Alliance for Retired Americans


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