July 20, 2015

Celebrate, Defend, Extend Medicare/Medicaid!

Retiree leader Mary Holomek invites everyone who supports the right to retire to a celebration of the 50th anniversary of Medicare/Medicaid. Come to 98 W Hurst Blvd in Hurst at 11AM on Thursday, July 23. The building is a UAW hall just a few blocks west of the big Bell Helicopter factory on Highway 10. Mary’s group meets there monthly, but the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans joined in this year because Medicare/Medicaid is being threatened by unscrupulous politicians who would like to privatize and voucherize it. If Medicare were privatized, it would be turned over to the insurance companies and, for practical purposes, just be another insurance program for them to make money.

The National Alliance for Retired Americans counts more than 60 Medicare/Medicaid events so far.

Support an event near you to protect, improved and expand Medicare:

  • Thursday, July 23rd at 11 AM – Lunch and Discussion with UAW President Mary Holomek at 98 W Hurst Blvd in Hurst, Texas. (RSVP Gene Lantzlabordallas@sbcglobal.net or 214-729-0063)
  • Saturday, July 25th 10:30 AM to 1 PM – Celebrate with Food, Music, Poetry and speakers at 4818 E Ben White Blvd., Austin, Texas (RSVP Glenn Scott atglenns1048@yahoo.com)
  • Thursday, July 30th 12:30 PM – Celebrate Medicare’s Anniversary and Fight to Save it from Congressional Cuts at 334  Centre at Bishop, Dallas, Texas (contact Gene Lantz labordallas@sbcglobal.net or 214-729-0063)
  • Thursday, July 30th 1:00 to 3:00PM – Celebrate Medicare’s 50th Anniversary at Café Mayapán, 2000 Texas Ave, El Paso, TX
  • Thursday, July 30th  11:30 to 1:00PM – Hospital Cafeterias in the Texas Medical Center exact locations to be announced, “As American as Apple PIE, Protect, Improve & Expand Medicare” Houston, Texas (contact info@hcfat.org or 713-570-6242)

Let’s get as many Medicare celebrations as possible! Let’s re-commit ourselves to preserving and expanding Medicare!


Gene Lantz

President, Texas Alliance for Retired Americans

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