July 12, 2015

Texans Join National Alliance Legislative Conference

Texas had the strongest delegation ever as our 17 delegates joined 400 from across the nation at the Alliance for Retired Americans Legislative Conference July 7-10, 2015, in Washington, DC. It was a great conference. The most impressive aspect was the upbeat presentations made by top leaders from politics, labor, and the retiree movement. It seemed that none of the speakers were content to save “SAVE retiree benefits,” because all of them were saying “STRENGTHEN AND EXPAND retiree benefits!” We aren’t just trying to preserve what we won in past years, we are actively committed to making things better for America’s seniors, and we are organizing to get it done!

National ARA has good coverage of the event on their web site. Judy Bryant and others posted dozens of photos of the Texas delegation on our Texas Retiree Facebook Page. One of the highlights was when longtime retiree supporter Senator Bernie Sanders spoke. There’s a short video on our FaceBook Page.

Join Us in Austin July 16

We’ll have a full report at our State Conference at 4 PM July 16, 2015, in the Tannehill Room of the Downtown Sheraton Hotel in Austin. Everybody is invited!

The next big challenge comes around July 30 on the 50th anniversary of Medicare/Medicaid. Several Texas events are already set up and more are underway. We’ll be celebrating, but even more than that, we’ll be dedicating our efforts to STRENGTHEN AND EXPAND these wonderful programs! Join us!

Gene Lantz

President, Texas Alliance for Retired Americans
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