May 30, 2015

Texas Retirees Have Fun at Evening

The Texas Alliance for Retired Americans had a great time while advancing our movement at the UAW 848 hall in Grand Prairie on the evening of May 29. Click here for a short video. We’re putting more photos on our Facebook page.

It was our 27th day of continuous rainfull, and many streets were flooded, but we still enjoyed a good turnout, a delicious meal catered by Desperados, and some blessedly short and strong statements by CWA retiree Ray Kramer, and APWU retiree Carl Johnson. Judy Bryant presented an award to the congressman for his championing of the cause of labor and retirees.

Everybody who participated helped re-fill the campaign coffers of the Texas Alliance with small contributions that add up. Some of the participants went even further by pledging small monthly “sustainer” donations to keep the Alliance going. Everyone who wants to help fight for retiree rights should consider clicking on the “donate” button on this web site. Our PayPal service has never been hacked and never been mis-used.

Organizer Judy Bryant, of course, organized the event from top to bottom. She had a crew of volunteers to decorate the hall and to clean up afterwards.

We concluded the evening on a very high note by singing the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans Anthem.

–Gene Lantz, President

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