May 07, 2015

Fundraising Matters for Retirees

The Dallas Chapter of TARA, meeting on May 6, acknowledged the significance of fund raising for retiree power. Volunteers spoke up to make our May 29 fundraiser a big success.

  • And help Texas Retirees fight to keep and extend the right to retire
  • 6-8 PM Friday, May 29
  • UAW 848 Hall, 2218 E Main, Grand Prairie, Texas
  • Dinner by Desperadoes, caterers to the Rangers, Mavericks, and Stars

Our War Has Several Battle Fronts

The May 6 meeting at the APWU hall in Dallas took up a number of important issues. Organizer Judy Bryant spoke on the threatening congressional budget that would cut Medicaid drastically and change the entire nature of Medicare. Several speakers talked about the different threats in the budget guidelines and recommended that we raise the alarm throughout Texas at every opportunity. Judy also asked people to attend the national Alliance for Retired Americans Legislative Conference July 7-10 in Washington DC. Texas needs a big delegation. We can expect a thorough report of national legislative problems when we meet at our state conference in Austin on July 16. Immediately after that, we’ll be holding Medicare 50th anniversary celebrations throughout Texas.

President George Nolan and activist Bob Fusinato explained the ins and outs of the unfair trade deal currently under discussion in Congress.

The group heard a review of our successful Workers Memorial Day event on April 28. President George Nolan asked the Dallas Chapter participants for small donations for our immediate expenses. Brother Lewis Fulbright (pictured), a State Board member, announced that retirees are needed at rallies on behalf of the Postal Employees. We will meet at 11:30 AM on May 14 at the APWU Hall, 2010 Postal Way in Dallas.

Lewis Fulbright announces May 14 actions

Whatever our enemies may throw at us, the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans fights on!

–Gene Lantz, President

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Sign our petition to Dallas Mayor Rawlings asking him to stop pushing to privatize the school district.

We’re also still gathering petitions for health care implementation in Texas. Sign that petition at:

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Judy Bryant at 214-729-0063

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