April 14, 2015

Fort Worth Chapter Meets Wednesday — New Threats Coming Up for Seniors

Come to the Fort Worth meeting

Jim Rivers, President of the Fort Worth Chapter of the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans, sends this invitation to all:

“Tomorrow, April 15, is the regular 3rd Wednesday monthly meeting of the Ft Worth Chapter of the Alliance for Retired Americans:

  • 12:30 PM
  • 3233 ALTA MERE DRIVE, FT WORTH, TX 76116
‘Many Senior and  Retiree issues remain unresolved.  All are welcomed to attend and discuss solutions.”

Jim has proposed the following agtenda:


April 1 Real Retirement Security NOW! Forum

Current Issues:

Conference on Aging Petition

REAL Retirement Security Now! Pledge

Also online: http://tinyurl.com/mppm5tm

The Great Illusion of Retirement Savings

ARA Legislative Conference, July 7-10, 2015

Washington Hilton, Washington, D.C.

2015 Seniors Jamboree

Friday, September 25th

Camp Carter YMCA

6200 Sand Springs Rd., Fort Worth, TX 76114

Good and Welfare

“Unfair Trade” and Other Issues Loom Before Seniors

On April 13th, Organizer Judy Bryant and I visited the office of Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson in Dallas. We had a really good session with District Director Trudy Lewis and Assistant Director Esperanza Worley. At the top of our agenda was to express our profound thanks to the Congresswoman for her strong stand against the budget that recently passed through Congress. Congresswoman Johnson wrote an insightful explanation of how the budget would cut Medicaid, devastate Medicare, and threaten Social Security. We also asked for an explanation as to how seniors can fight against the particulars of the budget before they actually become law. We were set up with a conference call to the Congresswoman’s Washington Legislative Rep for further discussion.

Also on our agenda was to let the Congresswoman know that seniors oppose the undemocratic process known as “fast track” that would allow the “Trans Pacific Partnership,” an unfair trade bill, to slide through Congress before anybody can find out what is in it. Seniors are certain that the bill will result in higher drug prices.

More Activities Coming Up

Seniors have been invited to a number of public activities:

Apr 14, 11:00AM -1:00PM: Rally with CWA members at AT&T HEADQUARTERS, 208 Akard St. Dallas, TX

Apr 15, 6P: “Fight for 15!” Join OUR Walmart, the UFCW, North Texas Jobs with Justice in front of the Walmart at 951 W Beltline Rd in Desoto. For info call 469-335-0063

Apr 16, 7:30P: Central Labor Council meeting. Affiliated union members meet at 1408 N Washington

Apr 17, 10:45A-1P: Rally against the “Trans Pacific Partnership” secret unfair trade proposal. Meet at 1408 N Washington Ave, Dallas. 214-826-6215.

Apr 18: National AFL-CIO Day of Action against “Fast Track” and Trans Pacific Partnership.

Gene Lantz, President

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Sign our petition to Dallas Mayor Rawlings asking him to stop pushing to privatize the school district.

We’re also still gathering petitions for health care implementation in Texas. Sign that petition at:


Contact Gene Lantz at labordallas@sbcglobal.net

Judy Bryant at 214-729-0063

facebook: Texas Alliance for Retired Americans

Twitter: @Tx4TARA


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