April 10, 2015

Three More Actions Done, Two In the Works!

The Texas Alliance for Retired Americans is adding an important new ally. The Common Ground Street Choir led singing at the Retiree Luncheon at UAW 848 on April 9. They have already taken to the streets at Walmart protests and are now getting invited to just about everything. We especially want them at the Dallas Chapter meeting at 12:30PM on May 6 at 2015 Postal Way.

The group consists of a large number of choir members from North Texas Unitarian Churches. They are taking their ministry far beyond that of any conventional church choir. They go where the action is, whether it’s in a union hall or in the streets! For a short video of the group, click on https://youtu.be/Al0TkUrToHs.

TARA Organizer Judy Bryant reports that we had a good turnout for our April 1 forum on Retirement Security. She and Leah Witherspoon had just returned from attending the White House Conference on Aging and they were able to bring our Texas folks up to date with national concerns. Judy also spoke to the Texas State Teacher’s Association-Retired. TARA gained several new members and a lot of good friends!. Judy keeps our Facebook page up to date and invites everyone to “like” us there.

In conjunction with our affiliates in the Auto Workers union, we plan a Workers Memorial Day celebration at 11:30 AM on April 28 at UAW 276 hall, 2505 W.E. Roberts in Grand Prairie. Workers Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for the many people killed or injured in America’s workplaces. There are very few retirees who cannot remember a friend and co-worker who died on the job.

TARA always wants retirees and friends of the right to retire to join us at our meetings.

Gene Lantz, President

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