March 27, 2015

Texans Participating in White House Conference on Aging

President Obama is holding six regional conferences to discuss seniors’ views. The Alliance for Retired Americans is organizing several more so that the President can get a larger view of what is happening with seniors across the land. Organizer Judy Bryant is presenting one of them in Dallas at 11AM on April 1 at 2010 Postal Way. The national organization is providing a wide variety of materials pointing to the problems and the solutions. Bryant and Leah Witherspoon will have just returned from the White House Conference on Aging in Phoenix the day before, so they will be bringing the latest thinking to Texas.

The Alliance for Retired Americans continues to demand that the right to retire be strengthened. We seem to have solid support among Democrats in Congress, but Republicans have, so far, been solidly against the right to retire. The budgets they have brought forward in the House and in the Senate have major cuts in our health care. They also want to establish a committee to “reform” Social Security. When they say “reform,” they usually mean deform!

Texas retirees are not laying down to be abused by Congress. On March 27, we organized a protest in front of a Social Security office in Dallas. We were joined by the Dallas AFL-CIO, Texas Organizing Project, Workers Defense Project, Texas Tenants Union, Dallas Peace Center, North Texas Jobs with Justice, and Juanita Wallace, President Emeritus of the Dallas NAACP. A mighty coalition of forces is forming nationwide to defend seniors, children, and the working poor! Everyone is encouraged to come to our April 1 event to find out how they can join in!

Gene Lantz, President

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