March 23, 2015

TARA Welcomes Austin Leader Glenn Scott

The Austin Chapter of Texas Alliance for Retired Americans elected Glenn Scott as President during their March 19 meeting at the AFT hall. She told the participating members, “I am very humbled by your vote of confidence in me to be your president and will try hard to meet or exceed your expectations.”

Chapter leaders become part of our State Board because TARA chapters are fundamental to our organizing plan. We grow our network by accepting affiliations with existing organizations, but most existing organizations have exclusive membership. TARA Chapters are open to everybody, and everybody is exactly who we have to organize if the right to retire is to be respected in America.

Taking charge immediately, Glenn helped the Austin chapter form two committees that are empowered to do work between meetings. One will communicate with people in the Austin area to continue growing our network. The other will specifically work on the upcoming anniversaries of Medicare (in July) and Social Security (in August). The group will reach out to allies who, like us, want to keep and extend the right to retire. The July 30 Medicare anniversary has growing importance, since the budget now being considered in Congress would privatize and “voucherize” Medicare.

Some of the Austin activists asked retirees to attend a March 31, 7PM, Town Hall meeting with Senator Bernie Sanders at the IBEW (Electricians) Hall, 4818 E. Ben White.

The retiree uprising is underway!

Gene Lantz, President

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