March 14, 2015

You Can Spot the Top TARA Supporters

When the top TARA supporters drive up, we’ll know them by the magnetic sign on their automobile door! Barbara Rojas, Secretary of the Dallas Chapter, did the research and worked on designs to order the signs. Without any special preparation, the signs stick to auto doors as if they were put on at the factory! Everyone who has made a significant monthly pledge is entitled to a magnetic car sign.

Pledges are made by clicking the “donate”button on our web site, then typing in an amount and clicking “recurring payment.” Paypal then charges the credit card monthly and sends an email receipt to the donor. Pledges can of course be cancelled at any time, but so far the $5-$20 monthly pledges have been coming in steadily with no cancellations. These small amounts aren’t even missed by the donor, but they add up significantly for the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans. Funding from pledges is more reliable than occasional donations, so budgeting is improved. A member-supported organization is an independent organization.

Organizing four million Texas retirees is a big challenge. Every cent helps!

–Gene Lantz, President

PLEASE contribute any amount, or make a monthly pledge, to Texas Alliance for Retired Americans by clicking here.

Sign our petition to Dallas Mayor Rawlings asking him to stop pushing to privatize the school district.

We’re also still gathering petitions for health care implementation in Texas. Sign that petition at:

Contact Gene Lantz at

Judy Bryant at 214-729-0063

facebook: Texas Alliance for Retired Americans

Twitter: @Tx4TARA


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