February 25, 2015

Need a Speaker?

Organizing four million Texas retirees is challenging. The Texas Alliance for Retired Americans works to affiliate with existing retiree organizations all over the state. In addition, we try to set up TARA Chapters that are open to everybody who supports the right to retire. That’s the key to getting everybody aboard. Right now, Judy Bryant takes requests from church, union, and political organizations. Gene Lantz will be a panelist at 7 PM on Monday, March 7, at the Texas Theater on Jefferson Street in Dallas. They are showing the film “Shadows of Liberty.” The topic is the monopolization of news media by a handful of corporations.  Lantz also talks about retiree issues on the regular “Workers Beat” program on KNON radio, 89.3 FM and www.knon.org, Saturdays at 9 AM.

TARA can get local speakers in Austin, Corpus Christi, Dallas, and Fort Worth on short notice. We’re particularly interested in coming to Houston and El Paso when invited. We usually talk on the great challenges that retirees face and the solution to our problem: getting organized. If seniors operated together, there is nothing we could not do, because we are the largest, fastest growing, and most-likely-to-vote age group in America.

The problem in the past was that most existing retiree groups are exclusive to select members, and that, historically, Texas retirees have never organized in their own interests.

We’re changing that!

-Gene Lantz, President

PLEASE contribute any amount, or make a monthly pledge, to Texas Alliance for Retired Americans by clicking here.

Sign our petition to Dallas Mayor Rawlings asking him to stop pushing to privatize the school district.

We’re also still gathering petitions for health care implementation in Texas. Sign that petition at:


Contact Gene Lantz at labordallas@sbcglobal.net

Judy Bryant at 214-729-0063

facebook: Texas Alliance for Retired Americans

Twitter: @Tx4TARA


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