January 07, 2015

Dallas Chapter Makes Big Plans for 2015

The Dallas TARA Chapter held its regular 1st Wednesday meeting on January 7th. We remembered President George Nolan, who is having serious health problems. In his stead, Secretary Barbara Rojas chaired the meeting and made sure we “passed the hat” to cover our expenses. All TARA chapters are encouraged to be self-funding through small collections at meetings.

Our main topics were these:

  • Our state convention on January 20
  • “Senior Day” at the state capitol on February 17

Our statewide events are of paramount importance because of the attacks against seniors that are already underway in the U.S. Congress and contemplated problems in the state legislature. Bringing Texas seniors together, arming them with accurate information, and setting them into motion is critical!

Amalgamated Transit Union 1338 is loaning us their 12-seat van to take people to the Austin convention. Organizer Judy Bryant already has more than 12 Dallasites who want to go, so we’ll be car-pooling for the rest. We plan to leave from the APWU hall on Postal Way at 7AM January 20.

We’ve already more than half filled our bus for Senior Day. People are leaving checks of $25 with Judy to reserve their seats. They will get the checks back when they get on the bus to Austin at 6:30AM on the morning of February  17. Checks are made out to “Texas Alliance for Retired Americans” and sent to Box 225822, Dallas TX 75222.

Speaking of money, the Dallas Chapter paid its $25 annual contribution to the state organization. All affiliated organizations are encouraged to get the new forms from Judy Bryant (214-729-0063) and send in their annual donation.

There are myriad opportunities for seniors to get active. Here are a few:

1/8/14, 11A: UAW 848 Retiree Luncheon

1/14 10A: TARA Corpus Christi in AFT hall?

1/14/15 (2nd Wednesday) SOAR Pt Comfort: 2 PM, Chapter 12-3 USW Local 4370 Union Hall PO Box 498 1109 State Hwy35 S Point Comfort TX 77978 President Gerald Thompson 361-573-9446 VP Ron Crain 361-893-5421.

1/19/15, 9AM: MLK mobilization on corner Lamar & MLK Blvd. Contact Judy at 214-729-0063

1/21/15 9A: Ft Worth CWA RMC at CWA6201 hall


1/21/15 is also the 5th Anniversary of the infamous “Citizens United” court decision that allows corporations to buy American elections. Plan an action!

1/27 UAW Area Retirees 10:30A at UAW 276

1/30, 10A-Noon: Senior Source has a legislative forum. Hillcrest Room, 3910 Harry Hines Blvd 75219. rsvp ksnyder@theseniorsource.org 214-823-5700

July 7-10: National Legislative Conference in Washington, DC

July 30: 50th Anniversary of Medicare. TARA hopes to have events all over the state!

-Gene Lantz, President

PLEASE contribute any amount, or make a monthly pledge, to Texas Alliance for Retired Americans by clicking here.

Sign our petition to Dallas Mayor Rawlings asking him to stop pushing to privatize the school district.

We’re also still gathering petitions for health care implementation in Texas. Sign that petition at:


Contact Gene Lantz at labordallas@sbcglobal.net

Judy Bryant at 214-729-0063

facebook: Texas Alliance for Retired Americans

Twitter: @Tx4TARA

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