May 04, 2014

Upcoming Discussion “Texas Seniors Attend National Convention”

Discussion at the Dallas Branch of the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans at 12:30P Wednesday, May 7, at the APWU Hall, 2010 Postal Way in Dallas, will focus on the national convention just past.

Over 500 activist retirees gathered in Las Vegas April 29-May 1 for a convention of the Alliance for Retired Americans. Twenty were Texans. We elected officers, passed resolutions, and caught up on the latest challenges to the right to retire. We sharpened our skills and exchanged ideas on fighting strategies. National’s coverage is on their page. National political leaders and outstanding experts addressed us.

Some of the workshops were repeated up to 3 times so that everybody could attend. There were 47 in all, including “Voting rights and election protection,” “Diversity & Outreach,” “Social Security related scams,” “Building coalitions,” “Social media for advocacy,” and “Reduce investment fraud.” In the final session, several speakers agreed that they had been most impressed by the workshop titled “Fighting back against ALEC.” ALEC is the American Legislative Exchange Council and has been discussed before on this site.

Most retirees were aghast when they learned the purpose and extent of ALEC’s activities against lowering drug prices, against democracy, and against public retiree pension funds. Essentially, ALEC is the political arm of the major corporations and consequently opposes just about everything that might benefit working people. ALEC is holding its national convention in Dallas on July 30.

July 30 is especially important to retirees because it is the 49th birthday of Medicare! Texan President Lyndon Johnson signed Medicare into law in 1965 and said, “This would not have been possible without the National Council of Senior Citizens!” The NCSC is the direct predecessor of the Alliance for Retired Americans. Texans will join the national effort to celebrate Medicare, preserve it, extend it, and carry the celebrations right into the 50th anniversary next year!


–Gene Lantz, President

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