March 14, 2014

TARA Celebrates Women, Stands Up for Schoochildren

Judy Bryant staffed our table at the Women’s Celebration. I sat in for this photo

The Texas Alliance for Retired Americans was proud to have a table at the International Women’s Day celebration at 1408 N Washington in Dallas on March 8. The majority of retirees are women and they take leadership throughout our organization, including National President Barbara Easterling.

The featured speaker at the event was Becky Moeller, President of the Texas AFL-CIO. She went back over some of the history of women’s issues within the workers’ movement and listed the immediate challenges before us. She said that equal pay for women was sponsored by Senator Wendy Davis in the last legislative session, and was passed. However, Governor Rick Perry vetoed it! Moeller wants to see Wendy Davis sitting in the governor’s chair the next time the bill comes through! Other speakers celebrated women and gave helpful tips on being a more powerful part of Texas politics.

Judy Bryant and I also attended a meeting on the threat to privatize the Dallas Independent School District on March 11 at Kirkwood Temple Methodist Church. A Houston billionaire named John Arnold is financing an attempt to remove the schools from public control and to ignore some state regulations, particularly those regarding employees and their pensions. Judy and I both spoke out against it on the grounds that retirees care very much what happens to our communities, our children, and our grandchildren. Privatization of public schools and pensions is a goal of the American Legislative Exchange Council, which is coming to Dallas for its convention July 3o-August 1. We expect to participate with protesters from all over the nation.

–Gene Lantz, President

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