November 17, 2013

Retirees Don’t Shut Up and Take It

Brother Morris Fried is pictured at left with his good friend and fellow activist, Zen Biasco

Does anybody still think that retirees should just shut up and take whatever gets handed out? They ought to check with Brother Morris Fried, an activist with our Dallas Branch. Fried just had another letter to editor published in the Dallas Morning News. Here’s what Morris had to say:

Before the Affordable Care Act, the United States had the best health care system in the world for the minority with good employment or personal wealth, and for everybody else a system that cost more and delivered less than in any other developed country in the world. Into this gap rushed unscrupulous insurance companies who sold overpriced policies that always ended up covering everything except what the policy holder needed. These are the policies that the ACA has tried to eliminate. The insurance companies have known about this for three years and had that time to quietly revise these policies to bring them up to minimal standards. They could have done this, they should have done this, and President Obama, perhaps naively, expected them to do this. Instead, they milked every last penny out of those policies as long as they could and then abruptly cancelled them. We do need to get rid of “Obamacare”. We also need to get rid of the insurance companies and the sanctimonious politicians, mostly Republicans but some Democrats, walking around with their pockets stuffed with insurance company dollars. We need single-payer health care insurance for everyone now.”

–Morris Fried

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