November 10, 2013

Texas Is Doing OK

Last May 7th, Judy Bryant and I were at a national leadership conference of the Alliance for Retired Americans in Washington DC. They asked me to write a letter “to myself” to be opened in November. It was supposed to state some of my goals for the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans. It came in the mail yesterday.

I had hoped to get at least 10 new activists, and we far exceeded that simple goal. I hoped for 10 new affiliates. Affiliates are existing retiree organizations, often church or union groups, that choose to work with us. The Texas Alliance asks a $25 annual donation from affiliates, and we have about 27. The problem is, we had about 25 when I wrote this, so we didn’t add 10 new affiliates. On the other hand, we have two new chapters. Chapters are created directly by the Texas Alliance and can include anybody from the general public. Judy is working on 3 more chapters an dthat would be truly wonderful!

On the topic of “advocacy,” I wrote “every opportunity.” We’ve done well on that. Judy makes at least one speech a week, and I probably average one a month. We use this web site, our Facebook Page, and our e-blast system. I’d say we get some kind of information out to everybody every 2-3 days. My letter to the Editor to the Dallas Morning News was published yesterday (NOvember 9). It reads:

“Cola Cuts Would Hurt Veterans.

We ought to be celebrating veterans on November 11, not scheming ways to hurt them. During the brouhaha over the federal budget, unthinking politicians are proposing to cut benefits for veterans and Social Security beneficiaries by changing the formula used to calculate cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs).

Veterans would be hurt most of all, given that other benefits veterans receive – in addition to their Social Security benefits – would also be cut.

If Congress decides on COLA cuts, Texans’ benefits

would be cut increasingly over time. The average earner in Texas retiring at age 65 would get a $493 annual cut at age 75, a $859 cut at age 85, and a $1,215 cut at age 95.

Please ask congresspersons to help us veterans, not hurt us!

Gene Lantz, President

Texas Alliance for Retired Americans”

I wrote another one to the Waco Tribune, because we’re holding a press conference on mistreatment of veterans there tomorrow. It hasn’t been listed as published so far.

My May 7 “letter to myself” says that the Texas Alliance should be very active and should outreach newspersons a lot. We certainly do that. It also asks for “better structure and leadership development” and “Pursue fund sources.” We’re working on those.

The best thing about the Texas Alliance is the leadership that has come forward. Chapter Presidents, working on their own, are holding meetings, arranging activities, and sending delegations to government officials. The Texas Alliance for Retired Americans is a going, growing concern!

Gene Lantz, President

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We’re also still gathering petitions for health care implementation in Texas. Sign our petition at:

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