November 04, 2013

Congressman Veasey Speaks to Mid-Cities TARA

Brenda Warner, President of Mid-Cities Texas Alliance for Retired Americans Chapter, presents a royal blue T-shirt to Congressman Marc Veasey


Congressman Marc Veasey had no trouble holding the attention of 31 retirees at the Mid-Cities Chapter meeting on October 31. His record on retiree issues is second to none. He spoke at length on the shameful cuts to SNAP, the Supplemental Nutrition program, that took effect the following day. Veasey pointed out that many seniors are barely making it now, and these cuts make the situation much more perilous.

Congressman Veasey stands against the cuts against seniors that are being discussed in congressional budget talks right now.

The Congressman has also championed the retirees in the fight against voter suppression in Texas. He launched the basic lawsuit against it and has accepted the help of other progressives, including the Dallas County Commissioners Court. Voter suppression flies in the face of this nation’s commitment to democracy and freedom for all. 

The group met in the Betty Warmack Library, 760 Bardin in Grand Prairie. President Warner, Vice President Jeannettea Flores, and other volunteers put out a fine spread of food. Congressman Veasey stayed for a long give-and-take question-and-answer session. Organizer Judy Bryant asked for volunteers to go to Waco for our Veterans’ Day action in defense of the rights of former military.

–Gene Lantz, President

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