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  • We Are Texas Seniors: “Hear Us Roar!”

    August 03, 2016: The Houston Chapter of Texas Alliance for Retired Americans was formed at their July 30 celebration of Medicare/Medicaid. Congresspersons Gene Green and Sheila Jackson Lee helped kick off the Houston Chapter. They had a big Read More >

  • Events Set for Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security Celebrations

    July 11, 2016: The July 30 anniversary of Medicare/Medicaid and the August 13 anniversary of Social Security are coming up. Texas retirees have set an ambitious program of celebrating our past accomplishments and committing ourselves to continue Read More >

  • What’s Our Strategy?

    May 17, 2016: What's Our Strategy? Here are some ideas to start a statewide discussion on our strategy for building a statewide grassroots movement of organizations within Texas that represents retired union members, their families, and othe Read More >

  • Workplace Injuries Still Plague Retirees

    April 30, 2016: [caption id="attachment_1743" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Retirees suffering long-term workplace injuries spoke on KNON radio[/caption] Workplace injuries plague us long after we have retired. Three retirees from the Dalla Read More >

  • Retirees Are Meeting

    April 21, 2016: In Texas, retirees are meeting everywhere. In almost any church, there is a group of predominantly retirees meeting. Drop by the Dairy Queen or McDonald's in small Texas towns during mornings, and you'll find retirees meeting over Read More >

  • Gov. Abbott Puts A Fox to Watch Pension Henhouse!

    December 04, 2015: Retirees across Texas are protesting Governor Abbott's appointment of Josh McGee to the Texas Pension Review Board. McGee has a long record of advocating taking away "defined benefit" pensions from public employees. He is a Vice Read More >

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