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Texas Retirees Succeed in First of Nine Events

Before August 26, Texas retirees will have held 9 public events. The first one took place in Grand Prairie on July 26. State Representative Chris Turner and District 105 candidate Terry Mesa helped retirees appreciate Medicare/Medicaid as the anniversary approaches. They also joi... Read more

Telephone: Our Main Technology

I've checked with the experts, and all agree that telephoning is the main way to reach seniors. After we used every telecommunications idea we could think of, the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans began phone banking. Terry Dunn, in the picture, is an organizer for the ... Read more

Victory for Veasey, Victory for Us, Victory for Democracy!

When he was still a State Rep, Congressman Marc Veasey filed a lawsuit against the Texas Voter ID law. Texas retirees came in right behind him and made fighting voter suppression a major part of our own program. The payoff came July 20 when federal authorities ruled that the law ... Read more

We’re Taking Off Like a Texas Rocket!

Starting tomorrow, July 21, Texas Alliance volunteers are hitting the phone banks for a growing number of Texas events to save and expand the right to retire. JOIN US NOW! North Texans phone banking starts tomorrow, July 21, at 2 PM at the Teachers' (Alliance-AFT) union hal... Read more

Congresspersons Are Available

The U.S. Congress has taken a break. Many of them will be available for visits in their home offices. That's when seniors can easily form delegations and present our issues to them. Even if they don't agree with us, just making sure they know we're active makes a difference! ... Read more

Events Set for Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security Celebrations

The July 30 anniversary of Medicare/Medicaid and the August 13 anniversary of Social Security are coming up. Texas retirees have set an ambitious program of celebrating our past accomplishments and committing ourselves to continue fighting. We have seven celebrations set up and a... Read more

Texans Will Celebrate Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security

[caption id="attachment_1869" align="aligncenter" width="497"] Celebrate it! Fight for it![/caption]... Read more

Retirees Endorse in Texas Races

Following the national endorsement of Hillary Clinton for President, Texas retirees have chosen a number of other important races to work on this year. [caption id="attachment_1859" align="aligncenter" width="639"] Terry Meza's District 105 is the hottest state legislature rac... Read more

Texans Strategize in San Antonio

The Texas AFL-CIO allowed the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans to use their meeting room at the Texas Democratic Party convention at the Alamodome in San Antonio on June 17. Over 100 activists put off their lunch time to discuss strategies for fighting for the right to retire... Read more